Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

       1. The mini-lesson myself and my group presented was on the subject of punctuation. The way we made it stick in the kids minds’ was by using expressive language and tones of voice to keep them interested, and also by using the metaphor of a traffic light to express what each type of punctuation was used for.
       2. I feel like, for my part, the lesson went quite well. The kids were very much into the lesson and seemed to enjoy the topic and use of visual aids. Some strengths would be my stage presence and use of enthusiasm. Some weaknesses, the Skype connection strength seemed to wane at times and actually cut out once, other than that, we had a flawless presentation.
       3. I learnt that sometimes you have to slow down and understand that not everyone understands a concept in order to teach it well. As a high school student trying to educate elementary school students I learnt that they have a rather short attention span, and that you need to keep them interested to get anything across, but in the end it’s a very enjoyable experience.

         4. I think that next time, they should teach us something. Something we might not know or may have forgotten, something only lively 8 year olds would know.

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  1. Hi,

    This is Ms. Bettess. You did an excellent job teaching my students about using punctuation. They loved your enthusiasm. I appreciate how encouraged them to speak up and treated them well. Thanks for interacting with us. We would love to teach you something.

    Ms. Bettess