Thursday, 12 June 2014

Buried Life Project

Here's the full list
  1.       Juggle 5 objects
  2.       Travel to Ireland
  3.       Travel to Brasil
  4.       Go bungee jumping
  5.       Change someone’s life for the better
  6.       Graduate Highschool
  7.       Get a university degree
  8.       Play Men’s club rugby next year
  9.       Camp for 2-3 months with nothing but a tent and bare essentials.
  10.   See a Broadway show
  11.   Learn how to longboard well
  12.   Streak a sporting event
  13.   Get thrown out of a store
  14.   Buy a car
  15.   Meet The Rock
  16.   Meet Joe Rogan
  17.   Meet Quentin “Rampage” Jackson
  18.   Learn a new language (Not Just French)
  19.   Meet Quentin Tarantino
  20.   Go to SNL and be in the audience
  21.   Be on SNL
  22.   Learn how to tramp wall
  23.   Learn how to do a backflip without a trampoline
  24.   Eat healthier
  25.   Deadlift 500 pounds
  26.   See AC/DC again
  27.   Go to Tomorrowland
  28.   Visit Norway
  29.   Go see a Grey Cup
  30.   Go see a Super Bowl
  31.   Go to FIFA
  32.   Go to a UFC fight in Vegas
  33.   Go to Vegas
  34.   Go to a Wrestlemania event
  35.   Go to Cuba
  36.   Wear a suit to work everyday
  37.   Make 6 figures
  38.   Go to Mardi Gras
  39.   See the Book of Mormon live.
  40.   Go wingsuiting
  41.   Crowd surf at a concert
  42.   Mosh at a concert
  43.   Be a part of a flash mob
  44.   Be a better student
  45.   Get married
  46.   Meet Barack Obama
  47.   Swim with sharks
  48.   Be in a movie
  49.   Go to Carivale

  50.   Become YouTube famous
  Now what? I have a couple of now whats. One is to get back to deadlifting 500 pounds. I used to be able to, but as I broke my arm wrestling, I lost the ability to do so. I miss the amazing feeling of being able to lift half a ton, and I really want it back. I've been working back to it slowly, and hopefully by the end of next year I will be there, but it's a slow and steady and process.
  Second thing is long boarding. I spent a couple of days trying to learn how, and am slowly getting better, I want to spend the summer getting better and trying to learn!
  Third and final thing is going to Cuba. My oldest brother, Rob, and I have been planning since last year to go to Veraderos, Cuba this December, and now that I'm back to work, I can start saving money to do just this! 


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